Chatham-Kent Health Alliance Announces Officers and Chairs for New Board of Directors

Chatham-Kent: March 26, 2018 – Today, Chatham-Kent Health Alliance is pleased to announce the appointment of Board Chair, Vice Chairs and Committee Chairs for the recently announced CKHA Board of Directors.  The appointments were made with careful consideration following an extensive Board orientation in late February.  These appointments are effective April 1, 2018.

 The following Officer appointments for the CKHA Board of Directors includes:  

  • Greg Aarssen, Board Chair
  • Sharon Pfaff, Vice Chair
  • Robert Dye, Vice Chair and Treasurer
  • Lori Marshall, Secretary


The Board of Directors also named the following Committee Chairs:

  • Sharon Pfaff, Quality Committee Chair
  • Robert Dye, Resources Committee Chair
  • Deborah Hook, Governance Committee Chair

“I am confident that the newly appointed Officers and Committee Chairs will ensure that patient centred, high quality care will continue to be the prime focus of the organization,” said Rob Devitt, Supervisor. “The last 18 months have been challenging for staff, physicians and volunteers, but CKHA is ready to move forward maintaining its commitment to transparency and accountability.” 

Aarssen and Pfaff are two of the three inaugural board members on CKHA’s Nominations and Selection Committee guiding the selection process for a new Board of Directors.  The selection of a new Board of Directors, announced February 9, 2018, was the final step in the move to a new hospital corporation governing both the Chatham and Wallaceburg hospital sites with a single Board of Directors. 

“Rob Devitt’s work has brought CKHA to where it is today and I look forward to continuing on the path which he has set forth. CKHA’s new Board of Directors is committed to ensuring that high-quality care is provided to patients in Chatham-Kent.” says Greg Aarssen, Board Chair, CKHA. 

“This is very exciting for CKHA and the community,” says Lori Marshal, President & CEO, CKHA. “Under Rob Devitt’s guidance, CKHA has been working towards this return to local governance for some time and we are pleased to be entering a new chapter as one corporation focused on a common goal.” 

For more information about CKHA’s Board of Directors, please visit All biographies are posted under “Governance.”


For more information, please contact:

Fannie Vavoulis 

Director of Communications 

fvavoulis [at] ckha [dot] on [dot] ca 

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