Chatham-Kent Health Alliance Expands Access to Care with Specialist Clinics at its Sydenham Campus

Chatham-Kent: October 18, 2017 – Chatham-Kent Health Alliance (CKHA) is pleased to announce reinvestment in its Sydenham Campus with the addition of physician-led specialist clinics. Shifting from bedded to ambulatory services with enhanced access to care through expansion of specialist clinics was a key reinvestment laid out in the organization’s 2017/18 Recovery Plan. Through the work completed to date, the opportunity to enhance access to care at CKHA’s Sydenham Campus has come to fruition with today’s announcement.
“The expansion of specialist clinics will ensure the delivery of high quality care closer to home for patients in the Wallaceburg, Walpole Island and South Lambton catchment area,” said Lori Marshall, President and CEO. “Today’s announcement coupled with our earlier reinvestment in respiratory services in the Sydenham Emergency Department, reaffirms our commitment to program and service delivery at our Wallaceburg site.”
From left to right: Dr. Pervez Faruqi, Chief of Staff, Lori Marshall, President and CEO, Dr. Javaria Sohaib, Respirologist, Dr. Mahmud Rajabalee, Chief and Program Medical Director of Medicine, Dr. Atoe, Family and ER Physician and Dr. Abu Ismail, Paediatrician, celebrate the addition of physician-led specialist clinics at Chatham-Kent Health Alliance’s (CKHA) Sydenham Campus with a ribbon-cutting on October 18, 2017.
“These additional specialist clinics will offer accessible and convenient services to our patients and their families,” said Dr. Pervez Faruqi, Chief of Staff. “I want to thank everyone involved for their commitment and collaborative teamwork towards service reinvestment at our Sydenham Campus. CKHA will now be able to do more for patients who need care in our communities.”
The following clinics will begin booking patients this month:
• Internal Medicine Clinic – Dr. Mahmud Rajabalee 
• Internal Medicine Clinic – Dr. Gemma Bain-Atoe
• Respirology Clinic – Dr. Javaria Sohaib
• Neurology Clinic – Dr. Awad Mortada 
• Paediatric Clinic – Dr. Abu Ismail  
“Back in February of this year, Mr. Robert Devitt, Hospital Supervisor, said to me that I will be happy to know that there will be specialists clinics here at Sydenham Campus. He and CKHA’s Senior Team have come through once again - first there is the enhanced respiratory therapy service in Emergency, now Internal Medicine and Paediatrician clinics,” said Dr. Dennis Atoe, Family and ER Physician. “I am very pleased that services are beginning to return to Sydenham Campus. I am equally happy with the collaboration between the two sites – it is truly becoming a one hospital, two site model. It is my sincere hope that other specialists will join this new collaboration and not just a few, as we are all involved in serving the community.”
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