Chatham-Kent Health Alliance Plans for Healthy Future with New Strategic Plan

CHATHAM-KENT: June 20, 2018 - Chatham-Kent Health Alliance (CKHA) is launching a new Strategic Plan that provides a three-year approach to achieve the organization's Vision, "Together, Growing a Healthier Community." Developed in response to feedback from community and staff engagement sessions and analysis of an environmental scan, the Strategic Plan outlines new directions and goals in keeping with CKHA's new Mission, Vision and Values.

"CKHA's Strategic Plan sets forth our future by building on our organization's Mission, Vision and Values," says Lori Marshall, President & CEO, CKHA. "As a local healthcare provider, we are committed to delivering quality healthcare in Chatham and Rural Kent. Our Strategic Directions and Enablers guide our practice, providing excellent patient care." 

In formulating the Strategic Plan, Strategic Directions and Enablers were developed with the aim to achieve CKHA's new Mission, Vision and Values. CKHA's new Mission, "One Team, Two Sites - Serving Chatham and Rural Kent," solidifies CKHA's role as one organization with one common goal that serves a broad community. CKHA's Vision, "Together, Growing a Healthier Community," summarizes CKHA's desire to work in partnership with community partners towards creating a healthier community for everyone. CKHA's Values, "CKHA CARES - Collaboration, Accountability, Respect, Excellence and Safety," unite the beliefs that are important to patients and their families, as well as the staff, physicians and volunteers of the organization. 

CKHA's 2018-2021 Strategic Plan provides a three-year approach on how we will work to achieve our vision of growing a healthier community. The Strategic Plan includes three Strategic Directions designed to advance the quality and safety of the care CKHA delivers through engagement and partnership. To do this, CKHA will: 

  • Provide exceptional quality and safe care within a comprehensive community hospital;
  • Engage with patients, families and the community to deliver patient-centred care; and 
  • Enhance access to healthcare for our community. 


CKHA's strategic enablers speak to how services are delivered and support the Strategic Directions. CKHA will:

  • Leverage technology and infrastructure to enable care; 
  • Optimize our culture and provide a safe environment for our people to be their best; and
  • Ensure value and optimize our operating performance. 


"CKHA's new strategic plan builds on the organization's strengths and addresses areas for enhancement with an actionable plan for the future," says Greg Aarssen, Board Chair, CKHA Board of Directors. "This Strategic Plan is essential to providing a clear direction and a big-picture plan for CKHA's highly-skilled and talented team to capitalize on opportunities and growth in the next three years." 

To inform the Strategic Plan, CKHA hosted four Community Engagement sessions in Wallaceburg, Chatham, Ridgetown and Tilbury and asked for feedback from staff, physicians and volunteers. These engagement sessions allowed stakeholders to share their ideas about CKHA's strengths and opportunities, as well as desired programs and services. The feedback was integral to the process and ensures that the views of the community, patients and their families are at the centre of CKHA's decision making. The hospital's Board of Directors approved CKHA's strategic plan at its May 28 board meeting.

To celebrate the launch of the 2018-2021 Strategic Plan, CKHA celebrated with a tree-planting ceremony to honour the groundwork laid by predecessor organizations. The identical tri-colour beech trees planted at the Chatham and Wallaceburg sites signify CKHA's new single corporation and pay tribute to the Public General Hospital, St. Joseph's Hospital and Sydenham District Hospital that joined to form the Chatham-Kent Health Alliance. The three colours of the leaves on the tri-colour beech will represent each of the preceding organizations. Each tree will be a testament to their legacy and solidifies today's Chatham-Kent Health Alliance, a single corporation united by the mission "One Team, Two Sites - Serving Chatham & Rural Kent." 

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About CKHA 

Chatham-Kent Health Alliance (CKHA) is a 200+ bed community hospital, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and technologies.  Formed in 1998, CKHA is committed to core service excellence, top-flight operational performance and to becoming a facility of choice in Southwestern Ontario.  With sites in Chatham and Wallaceburg, CKHA is comprised of approximately 1,360 compassionate staff, 178 physicians and 300 volunteers who serve the medical needs of 102,000 residents in the Municipality of Chatham-Kent.  CKHA is designated a schedule one facility under the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and cares for tens of thousands of inpatients, outpatients and emergency patients annually. For more information, click hereto read CKHA's Fast Facts.


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