Chatham-Kent Health Alliance Welcomes Patient Advocate Cynthia Lockrey for Workshop

CHATHAM-KENT: September 6, 2018 – Chatham-Kent Health Alliance (CKHA) is pleased to welcome patient advocate Cynthia Lockrey for a Patient Storytelling Workshop aimed at helping healthcare professionals include patient stories in a meaningful way. 

“Patient stories, both positive and negative, are integral to providing the best quality care at CKHA,” says Lori Marshall, President & CEO, CKHA. “CKHA has been using patient stories at board meetings, Patient Experience Councils and Quality Meetings since 2016. This workshop provides an exciting opportunity for CKHA to make its patient stories more impactful and inspiring.” 

As an organization committed to Patient & Family Centred Care, patient stories play an important role at CKHA. Patient & Family Centred Care is a philosophy where patients and their families are partners in the planning and decision making for their care and treatment. Patient stories provide an opportunity for patients and/or family members to share their experience with CKHA. In turn, this assists all staff, physicians and volunteers to learn from our patients and their families and identify opportunities to make changes to improve our patient’s experiences. Participants in the Patient Storytelling Workshop will learn to identify patient experiences that, if shared, provide learning opportunities and will assist us in telling these stories in the most meaningful way. 

“Patient stories are a great way to help healthcare professionals see how the work they do every day impacts patients,” says Cynthia Lockrey. “This can be done by sharing anecdotes about a patient interaction at shift change, such as how a particular patient was scared but by taking an extra two minutes to explain the procedure in more detail, the person was less anxious. It can also involve starting each meeting with a patient story related to an agenda item, tying in the patient perspective. By including patient voices on a regular basis, it will ensure the patient perspective is included on otherwise ‘routine’ topics.” 

The Patient Storytelling Workshop will help participants feel more confident, prepared and focused when sharing patient stories. During the workshop, Lockrey will provide direction on key messaging, identifying common themes, speaking for clarity and making the story resonate with the audience. 

The workshop takes place Friday, September 7, 2018 and coincides with the release of Lockrey’s new book Your Child’s Voice: A Caregiver’s Guide to Advocating for Kids with Special Needs, Disabilities or Others Who May Fall Through the Cracks.  The book seeks to help parents and caregivers gain the tools, resources and confidence to advocate for children who have special needs.

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About Cynthia Lockrey

Cynthia Lockrey is a writer, communications professional, corporate trainer and patient advocate. Cynthia is passionate about advocating for the needs of children in the medical system, as a volunteer and parent. She is the author of two patient advocacy books – Bed Rest Mom – Surviving Pregnancy-Related Bed Rest with Your Sanity and Dignity Intact and Your Child’s Voice - A Caregiver's Guide to Advocating for Kids with Special Needs, Disabilities, or Others Who May Fall through the Cracks (release date September 2018). For more information,

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