Chatham-Kent Ontario Health Team Moves to Full Application Process

CHATHAM-KENT: July 19, 2019 – The Chatham-Kent Ontario Health Team (CKOHT) has been chosen as one of 31 applicants who will move to the full application process to form an Ontario Health Team (OHT). The CKOHT submitted a Self-Assessment Evaluation to the Ministry of Health (MOH) in the spring as part of the first call for applications from across the province to determine readiness to form an OHT. CKOHT’s Self-Assessment submission demonstrated a strong commitment to all OHT model components with a high degree of readiness to complete a full application and potential to successfully implement the OHT model.
“All of our partners are thrilled to be among the first group of applicants who will proceed to the next phase in forming an Ontario Health Team,” said Lori Marshall, President and CEO. “In Chatham-Kent, we have an already established track record of collaboration, innovation and integration between local providers that’s focused on delivering patient-centred care and seamless transitions between providers.”
The OHT model will help to transform the provincial health care landscape. By building high-performing integrated care delivery systems across Ontario that provide seamless, fully coordinated care for patients, OHTs will help achieve better outcomes for patients, improved population health, and better value for the province. When fully functional, the OHT model will include; primary care, hospital care, rehabilitative care, home and community care, long-term care and mental health and addictions.
On April 27, 2019, CK providers including patient advisors, board members, physicians and administrators came together voluntarily to co-design CKOHT’s vision - “Achieving the best health and wellbeing together.” This principle will follow through as the providers move towards implementation. Each organizations is aligned in supporting the province’s directions upholding the Patient Declaration of Values for Ontario comprising: 1) Respect and Dignity 2) Empathy and Compassion 3) Accountability 4) Transparency. 
A CKOHT will engage patient advisors and clinicians to design and deliver a system that will enhance patient experience, improve health outcomes and provide value for the funds entrusted to the team. Providers in Chatham-Kent are ideally positioned to create a model that will be transferrable to other rural areas of the province. CKOHT will be nimble and responsive with a geography and population that are large enough to have impact on outcomes and small enough that relationships matter and flexibility is possible. 
CKOHT’s intent at Phase 1 maturity is to support Chatham-Kent’s catchment area with a focus on older adults with chronic disease and those who are frail and have complex needs. CKOHT’s group of providers has a longstanding history of collaborations and partnerships with a prime example being the CK Health Links which works to enhance primary care transitions for the most complex patients. The initial priority of CKOHT will be on the most complex and frail seniors and those with chronic disease. Future Phases up to maturity would include expansion to include all patient populations.
The following Phase 1 partners are committed to the next stage of planning: Chatham-Kent Community Health Centres (CKCHC); Chatham-Kent Family Health Team (CKFHT); Chatham-Kent Health Alliance (CKHA) including Fund 2 Mental Health & Addictions; Chatham-Kent Hospice; Erie St. Clair LHIN Home & Community Care (H&CC); March of Dimes Canada; St. Andrew's Retirement Residence; Thamesview Family Health Team (TVFHT); Tilbury District Family Health Team (TDFHT); and Westover Treatment Centre. TransForm Shared Service Organization (TSSO) is committed to provide procurement and digital infrastructure to support CKOHT. 
CKOHT will leverage existing examples of collaboration between partners including: shared leadership St. Andrew’s Retirement Residence and CK Hospice; Co-location/shared positions between Canadian Mental Health Association LK & CKHA; back office consolidation with CMHA LK & CKCHC; H&CC Nursing flex clinics at CKHA Wallaceburg Site; and Embedding H&CC in all FHTs and CHC. The CKOHT is an opportunity to further demonstrate our providers’ willingness, capabilities and ability to improve care delivery through a proven track record of person-centred care, performance, quality improvement and accountability, championing a more efficient system that is easier to navigate. 
The focus of this proposal is about how organizations will work together differently in the future to benefit our collective patients and clients. Completed full applications must be submitted to the MOH by October 9, 2019.
CKOHT Contact Information:
Alan Stevenson, CEO, Canadian Mental Health Association Lambton Kent
astevenson [at] cmhalambtonkent [dot] ca
April Nelmes, Regional Independent Living Manager, March of Dimes
anelmes [at] marchofdimes [dot] ca
Cathy Kelly, Vice President, Erie St. Clair LHIN Home and Community Care
cathy [dot] kelly [at] lhins [dot] ca
Denise Waddick, Executive Director, Thamesview Family Health Team
denise [dot] waddick [at] thamesviewfht [dot] ca
Donald MacLellan, General Manager, Medavie Health Services Chatham-Kent
Donald [dot] maclellan [at] memsochathamkent [dot] com 
Jessica Smith, Executive Director, St. Andrew’s Residence/Chatham-Kent Hospice
jsmith [at] standrewsresidence [dot] com
Kelly Griffiths, Executive Director, Tilbury District Family Health Team
kgriffiths [at] tdfht [dot] ca
Laura Johnson, Executive Director, Chatham-Kent Family Health Team
laura [dot] johnson [at] ckfht [dot] ca
Lori Marshall, President and CEO, Chatham-Kent Health Alliance
lmarshall [at] ckha [dot] on [dot] ca
Paul Audet, CEO, Transform Shared Service Organization
paul [dot] audet [at] transformsso [dot] ca
Ron Elliott, Executive Director, Westover Treatment Centre
relliott [at] westovertreatmentcentre [dot] ca 
Sherri Saunders, Executive Director, Chatham-Kent Community Health Centres
Sherri [dot] saunders [at] ckchc [dot] ca 

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