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Mental Health & Addictions

About Us

About Us


If you or a loved one are in crisis please call 1.866.299.7447 to speak to a Mental Health First Response Team Member, visit your nearest Emergency Room or dial 911 for emergency assistance.


The Mental Health and Addictions Program (MHAP) delivers best practice clinical mental health and addictions services built on a strong education and research based model. We are committed to ongoing professional development, which ensures that the most advanced clinical intervention is delivered to the individuals who require our services. 

Our Team

Our Team

MHAP values the interdisciplinary team model that provides specialized expertise from a variety of different healthcare professionals which include: Psychiatrists, Nurses, Occupational Therapists, Social Workers, Counselors, as well as peer and family involvement. MHAP is highly integrated with our community partner Canadian Mental Health Association Lambton Kent (CMHA LK). This integration provides a seamless continuum of care that has improved access and wait times for individuals requiring mental health services from either organization. MHAP is committed to working within a shared care model with our community partners, with a goal to improve early detection and intervention to reduce the need for ongoing mental health intervention and improve our communities’ overall mental health. 

 Core Programs

Core Programs

Inpatient Psychiatric Services: The 21-bed inpatient psychiatric unit is designated by the Ministry of Health as a Schedule 1 facility and is governed by the Mental Health Act and the Health Care Consent Act. This means that a patient who meets certain risk criteria may be admitted involuntarily. The focus of an inpatient admission is to treat acute symptoms in order to stabilize a patient’s mental illness and initiate a treatment plan. The goal is for the patient to then successfully transition into the community for ongoing treatment and support, so long as there is a need for mental health services. The inpatient unit provides services in an interdisciplinary team model and works closely with community partners to improve access to resources that individuals require in their recovery process.  

Psychiatric Assessment Nurse (PAN):  A specialized mental health nurse provides an assessment to the Chatham and Wallaceburg Site Emergency Departments (ED) and any inpatient unit throughout CKHA on a 24/7 basis.  A mental health assessment in the ED is completed face to face. Once the assessment is complete, it is shared with the most responsible nurse and physician, at which time a treatment decision is made either to admit or to discharge for community follow-up.  Our PAN partners with many other community agencies with a goal of creating a treatment plan that allows the client to return to the community with a coordinated treatment plan in place.  

Community based services:  MHAP has partnered with Canadian Mental Health Association Lambton Kent (CMHA LK). Together, we provide an integrated mental health and addictions service. 

Outpatient Services: Mental Health Counseling and Treatment, Outpatient Psychiatry Clinic, Early Psychosis Intervention Program - Today Not Tomorrow (TNT), Psychogeriatric Mental Health Outreach Team (GMHOT), Addictions Assessment, Treatment and Referral Program, Concurrent Disorders Program, Problem Gambling and Eating Disorders, Rapid Access to Addiction Medicine Clinic, Assertive Community Treatment Program.

Rapid Access to Addiction Medicine (RAAM) Clinic: The RAAM clinic is intended to provide patients with immediate access to evidence-based addiction care. RAAM clinics are accessible to patients without appointments or medical referrals. They offer both medication and psychosocial interventions from the first visit, ensuring a holistic approach to addressing the patient’s substance use. The goal of the RAAM clinic is to meet patients where they are at and work with them to create a care plan that fits with their goals. The clinic model is very flexible, it is intended to be (a) low-barrier, (b) walk-in, and (c) patient-centred. Click here to view clinic hours and more info.

Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) Program: The ACT program is a community-based, recovery model of care for individuals who have severe and persistent mental illness. ACT assertively reaches out to clients where and when they need help – directly in the home and in the community. Click here for more info.

Contact & Locations

Contact / Location

Mental Health & Addictions Program
Suite #204 - 240 Grand Avenue West
Chatham, Ontario
N7L 1C1

Intake Team
519.351.6144 x 5051

Rashoo Brar
519.352.6401 x 6670
rbrar [at] ckha [dot] on [dot] ca

Dan Saunders
Clinical Manager, Inpatient Psychiatry, Outpatient Mental Health & Addictions & Outreach
519.352.6401 x 5746
dsaunders [at] ckha [dot] on [dot] ca


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Question


What do I do if I need to see someone urgently? 

If you are in crisis phone 1.866.299.7447 to speak to a Canadian Mental Health Crisis Worker or go to the Emergency Department (ED) at Chatham-Kent Health Alliance (located at both the Chatham and Wallaceburg sites). You will be seen by an ED nurse and/or physician, and if you have a mental health problem, a psychiatric assessment nurse (PAN) will be called to meet you in the ED. 

The PAN will make an assessment to help determine if a hospital admission is necessary or if follow up can be arranged, for community intervention with the most appropriate community agency. The PAN can also assist with linkages to other community agencies. 

Where is your office located?

All of our outpatient services are located at 240 Grand Avenue, Chatham (across from Chatham Burger). 

Do I need a referral?

You do not need a referral for an initial intake appointment to see a therapist, however, you do require a referral to see a psychiatrist. Our staff will assist with this process either through your own family physician or through our internal referral process. 

Do you have a children’s mental health program?

For most of our services, we are an adult mental health and addictions service, however, we do have some children’s services: Early Psychosis Intervention Program, Youth Addictions Treatment and Eating Disorders.

All other children’s’ mental health services are offered by the CK Children’s Services, 495 Grand Ave., 519.352.0440,

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